Not sure which limited edition canvas works in your home?

Unsure what size, or how much negative space you need around the print?

Photograph your wall.

Send us a photo of your wall and we can send you back what any print in the collection would look like on that wall, to scale, so you can choose from your favourites and get the sizing just right.

Please note: We do need some basic requirements when you take the shot…
  • Stand directly in front of the wall as far back as to fit it all in, try not to shoot the wall from a side angle.
  • Don’t shoot on your camera or phone’s lowest resolution setting, give me an image at least 1000 pixels across.
  • Try and make the room as light as possible, turn on all the lights and if the windows are NOT actually in the shot, open the drapes wide to let all the light in. If your windows are actually in the shot, keep the drapes closed.

We also need something to scale the size from…

You will need to give me some measurements...
  • Try and fit corner to corner or door to window in the shot.
    Anything that I can see in the shot that is ON OR AGAINST the wall I can use as a scale.
    Then let me know what the distance between those are, or width of the object is.

  • If the cornice height from floor to ceiling is in the shot give the that measurement as well. If I have BOTH width and height to scale from accuracy will be improved.

  • If there is nothing against the wall and if you can’t fit the corners of the walls into the shot.
    Put two pieces of tape vertically and space them a measured distance apart (and give me that dimension).

  • And then do the same horizontally and again give me that dimension.

  • What to do if you can’t stand back far enough to get the whole wall in, like if it is in a passage?
    Just give me the actual dimensions of the wall you are wanting to put the prints on and I will do up a blank wall to scale, so that you can look at what works, this is especially helpful for long narrow

  • Send your photo via email and/or if you have any questions just contact me and I will help you get it done.

Examples of Virtual Viewings

Custom sized "Feathers" print.
Dimensions supplied were width of wall between corner and stairs.

Custom sized "Aurora Ningaloo" print. Dimensions supplied were the height of the windows and the distance between the windows.

Custom sized three print set. Client was unable to photograph the full passageway wall, so a simulation was done.
Dimensions supplied, wall height skirting to cornice and wall width from door to corner.