About Glen Cowans Fine Art Underwater Photography

“Your work is to discover your World, & then with all of your heart give yourself to it”

The above saying, beautifully written on a banner, was once given to me from my wife as a present. Louise felt it summed me up and I guess it is true, my work and my heart do indeed lie in the Ocean, although Louise shares an equally large part of my heart.

My signature piece is titled “InfiniSea” which is a small play on the words Sea and Infinity. The ocean however is not infinite, quite the opposite, it is a finite space. There is only so much of it and whilst our ancestors considered it to be so huge that they could dump everything in it, they also decided they could take everything they wanted out of it. Today we are just starting to realize that we can no longer take the ocean for granted. Much of this recent acceptance is only a direct result of world fisheries closing down due to lack of fish, or pollution levels in creatures being so high it makes them inedible. Fortunately through the insight of a few, education of the human species as to the beauty and fragility of the ocean has been going on for many decades now and some of us have actually been listening. Let’s hope it is not too late…

Those people who inspired me in the first place like Hass, Doubilet, Nakamura and Costeau to mention only a few, have created wondrous movies and images that mesmerize and amaze you about the truly alien world below the ocean surface. ‘Down there’ is a place where man is clumsy and restricted, it is a place where life tolerates you only when you make the best possible attempts to blend into it.

Through our The Ocean on Your Wall ™ selection, my partner Louise and I humbly attempt to follow in the lead of those talented messengers that came before us. Our ‘Stock Imagery’ is just that, stock images of specific underwater themes that can be used for advertising, journalism, books etc. Louise captures above water images as well as underwater videography and I specialize in the underwater stock photography and The Ocean on Your Wall ™ selection of prints. The Ocean on Your Wall ™ selection is a larger than life collection of my photography limited in edition to either 50, 75 or 100 of each image. The theme is ‘the frivolity and beauty of nature underwater’… here nature itself has been the artist and I have simply attempted to capture and reproduce as accurately as possible, nature’s masterpieces in a form that can be accepted and admired above water. Every image is printed using the latest archival quality pigment onto top quality canvas which is OBA free, or 100% museum grade cotton rag paper. These images intend to show the amazing detail of the minuscule, featuring subjects as diverse as fish only 1cm long, the minute detail of coral, fragile tube worms and anemones or the patterns of fish scales and fins and whilst the list of subjects goes on, it gets bigger all the time as new subjects reveal themselves to me.

This is Fremantle – Meet the Maker – Marketing Initiative

“Your work is to discover your World, & then with all of your heart give yourself to it”