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How long will my artwork last?

The manufacturer has laboratory tested the inks to a 65-75 year life-span under normal lighting conditions. We coat the surface with an archival grade sealer that enhances this life span even further. So provided you do not expose them to direct ultraviolet light (sunlight), you will get a long life out of your Glen Cowans’ photographic print.

What process do you use to create the prints?

Each print is printed only when it is required by a client.

The printing process takes about 3 hours per artwork and it is printed using pigment ink, which is essentially ‘paint’ instead of the dye as used in most printers. All artworks are done on high quality archival grade canvas.
This process is only available using the latest breakthroughs in printing technology. This results in high detail photo quality imaging on a large scale with inks designed to be fade resistant for 65 – 75 years.

What is a Stretcher Frame?

This is where the canvas has been stretched over a timber frame in a similar manner to how an artist would prepare the canvas for painting. Depending on the size of the Artwork your frame will be either a 35mm thick frame or a 45mm thick frame.

Why do you use a stretcher frame instead of glass and matting?

On a stretcher frame there is absolutely nothing between you and the print. This can result in an almost three dimensional effect where the image takes on a level of depth that is quite extraordinary. It is the closest thing to experiencing the subject as if it were directly in front of you. The Stretcher frame also provides a funky modern look to the artwork that is ideal for today’s interiors.

What material do you print on?

Through much experimentation we have sourced the best materials on which to print. For our canvases we choose a cotton/polyester blend canvas with a 100% acid-free base and a matte finish with long term fade and water resistance.

Are your colours real?


The colours in my images are reproduced to appear exactly as they do underwater once artificial light has been added in the form of photographic flash. Water filters out colour from sunlight and this increases as you go deeper. Adding flash to the photography reveals the vibrant colours that occur naturally.

Hanging your new print

Your Glen Cowans‘ limited edition canvas print has been printed with archival pigment inks that are rated for longevity at 65-75 years. This rating is for indoor use not exposed to ultra violet light (UV light). Make sure the location that you place your print does not have exposure to direct sunlight at any time during the day, nor can it have indirect exposure to reflected UV light, this can be sunlight from a skylight or sunlight reflected from other windows and/or glass, steel roofing, swimming pools, the ocean or any other highly reflective surfaces. Exposure to UV light will lessen the life of your print. – The solution, if it is a location where you definitely wish your print to hang, is to tint the window/s or skylight with a UV rated tint to remove the UV exposure.

How do I care for my new print?

We suggest a soft micro-fibre or Enjo cloth to lightly dust your print. Do not use feather dusters as they can have hard quills within them that can scratch your print. Should you see a fly spot, use a white soft cloth that is damp but not wet. Gently hold it on the fly spot for around 20 seconds, then gently wipe off but do not rub. Usually a spot will lift with two or three gentle wipes. Old fly spots may lift and leave a small mark but this mark will usually fade with time. Make sure never to rub with pressure on your print as this could damage the sealed surface.

PLEASE NOTE that we will not warranty any damage to the printed surface if you rub hard and wear or damage the pigment or sealer.