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Aquatic Art – The Ocean on Your Wall

Welcome to my prints online: The perfect place to view my work if you cannot attend my gallery in Fremantle. There are four main categories based on shape, as well as the latest additions, monochromes, wildlife & Ocean blues. Prints are available as limited edition canvases, large rolled open editions prints, smaller matted open edition prints, and block-mounts that can be hung on the wall or stand freely on your desk. All printing is done by Glen Cowans himself so that only the highest standards in quality and reproduction are done for every single print.
Underwater Art – why not put The Ocean on Your Wall ™ today?

NOTE: Besides the sizes shown on this website, custom sizing is also available. So if you need a particular size or scale for a limited edition canvas or an open edition print, please do not hesitate to get in touch. (custom sizes not done for Ocean Blocks)