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The power of the Ocean is absolute and uncompromising, it never ceases to flow and surge, even when seemingly calm.
Photographing the Ocean from high, I could not help but think about the rhythm of these massive waves near Cape Naturaliste in Australia's South West and how similar it is to the constant concerns in our lives today.
We are continually inundated with wave after wave of change and emotion that can effect our lives and we can flow with that change or struggle to go against it. But as any surfer or ocean swimmer knows, you cannot fight the sea and must always compromise to its power, and sometimes, when you just learn to go with it completely, you end up in the best ride of your life. And occasionally, when in a tough situation, you just need to let those waves wash over you for a while, because if you wait long enough the lull will return, allowing you once again to get your breath back.