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Drift (Panoramic Version)

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People often ask me do I plan for an image?
Or how do I know when I have “that perfect shot” ??

I would say over 95% of the time it is purely are reactive instant. This was the final photo, in the final minutes of our final dive in the remote western pacific. We had drifted into a narrow channel on the incoming tide, a high speed ride over spectacular corals, fish and sharks. As I was heading to my shallow safety stop I looked down to see a lone reef shark slowly swimming against the drift. The crystalline blue water, that moment of orientation against the shape of the underwater sand dunes, it was simply spectacular.

It was over in a second, one chance, one moment and then both the shark and I were no longer in the same location.
Happenstance, serendipity or just plain luck, but it had me smiling.

Reef sharks are found at Ningaloo Reef and across the top of Australia as well as out into Indonesia and the Pacific Islands.