Glen Cowans Photography

Bluerays II

$520.00 AUD
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For the canvas print option only 2 remain, #74/75 is already printed and sized at 2000x820mm, priced at $4400.
Price increases with each print sold, #75/75 is not yet printed and can be sized to choice but price is fixed for this edition number at $5000 when stretched.
Please contact us to confirm current price and edition number/s remaining.
Once sold out 5 proof copies will be released.

Canvas print edition - 75

The water is glassy calm and crystal clear, the sun is just rising on the distant horizon and entering the shallow water you are at first completely alone in a sea so transparent that it is almost invisible. Before long the rays approach from the deep, cruising past in formation flybys they gradually move in closer with each pass. A completely surreal experience, warm clear water and at times, dozens of friendly stingrays for company.