Faery III

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Inspired by the limited edition print Faery III.
Round pendant – domed glass, silver finish. Available in two sizes – large 40mm and small 25mm diameters. Shown in 40mm diameter with neoprene necklace.

Fire coral forms itself into incredible structures often taking on sculptural forms comprised of layers and layers of stinging coral branches. As such its a very safe haven for many fishes and these jewelled fairy basslets stay within quick reach of the coral in case of danger. Other fish that are hunting the basslets are wary of getting too close to the coral. Faery is considered to be the mythical home of fairies and as such the perfect name for these prints that are available as a set and individually:- Faery I, Faery II and Faery III. Photographed in the Red Sea but typical of this species throughout the tropical Indo/Pacific region.

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