Colourtale round

Price: $25.00

Inspired by the limited edition print Colourtale.
Round silver finish ring (nickel free) with domed glass. One size fits all adjustable ring band – domed face is 2omm diameter.

Please Note: Every ring is hand-created at our gallery and so some variations in composition may occur between each piece.

Parrotfish are found in all tropical and semi-tropical oceans of the World. This fish, with this particular colouration in the tail, is unique to the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The only way I was able to get this shot was to wait until the sun had gone down before descending onto the reef. Only then, once the fish has started to sleep, was I able to get close enough to photograph the tailfin in close up. But if you wait too long, these fish cover themselves in a semi-opaque mucous bubble to hide their scent from predators, which would prevent a clear image.

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