Vertical Series

The Vertical Series was inspired by the wider view perspective. Certain subjects both large and small lend themselves to close study but with the image flow coming from the existing natural shape or pattern.
The more abstract of these prints can easily be hung in the orientation of your choice instead of the vertical manner in which they appear here.
My photographs in this selection have been composed at the time of shooting, to allow for viewing and printing as a vertical. It uses only one image at its full width, usually photographed in portrait mode and then cropped left and right.

  • Alcyon

  • Amici

  • Blue Coral

  • Bluerays III

  • Bluerays III (monochrome)

  • Cachalot

  • Capricorn (pano-vertical)

  • Cerianthus

  • Cnidaria

  • Coral Blossom

  • Feathers II

  • Fireworm

  • Floral Coral

  • Fungia

  • Fusiliers II

  • Hyperion

  • Hyperion (monochrome)

  • Jewelled Anemone

  • Lamellina

  • Monanchora

  • Nai’a

  • Okeanos

  • Pacific Jewel

  • Parrotfish II (pano-vertical)