Retina Series

The Retina Series (re tin a) was inspired by the 3:2 aspect ratio or as it is also termed, the golden rectangle. The aspect ratio of 35mm film almost perfectly matches this golden rectangle and is the shape which is considered to be the most pleasing to the human eye.
To compose one’s photograph perfectly within the full frame of an image takes discipline and concentration but draws the photographer into the true nature of the camera. This then subsequently results in careful study of the subject and how it would best fit within this ratio.
The more abstract of these prints can easily be hung in the orientation of your choice instead of the horizontal manner in which they appear here.

NOTE: Besides the sizes shown on this website, custom sizing is also available. So if you need a particular size or scale for a limited edition canvas or an open edition print, please do not hesitate to get in touch. (custom sizes not done for Ocean Blocks)