Equilateral Series

The Equilateral Series was inspired by the aspect ratio of 1:1. This ratio was used in the early large and medium format film cameras, particularily when used in portrait and landscape photography.
My photographs in this selection have been composed at the time of shooting, to allow for viewing and printing in this apsect ratio. Hence this has allowed me maximum use of the image size to achieve the highest quality of print output.

  • Acropora

  • Aeolid

  • Alii

  • Alveopora

  • Anemone Shoal

  • Anemonefish

  • Anemonefish In-Situ

  • Anemonefish Two

  • Ascidian

  • Bannerfish

  • Batavia

  • Blue Shell

  • Brittle Blue

  • Bubble Coral

  • Capricorn I

  • Capricorn II

  • Capricorn III

  • Clam

  • Clownfish

  • Coi

  • Colourtale

  • Coral Heart

  • Coral I

  • Coral II