What people have said…

Thank you to all those who have supplied feedback.

Hi Glen,
At last, I come back to you with some pictures.
The Capricorn makes a wonderful impression on the wall. Is it correct that my print as about half the actual size of the coral?
You are welcome to use my photos in your marketing. Let me know if you would like higher resolution.
I would also like to tell you that buying this print from you was one of my best internet shopping experiences. Your kind assistance during the decision process was great, especially the possibility to get the virtual views. Checkout was also very smooth and the delivery (even to Sweden) was hassle-free. Well done!
Best regards, Rolf

Hi Glen, would just like to say thank you for the two necklaces which arrived safely here in New Zealand and are beautiful. I may have to order some other designs.
Many thanks, Janice

Hi Glen
Just letting you know that we received the Feathers print, and it has now taken pride of place hanging in our dinning room, where it matches particularly well with our walnut furniture, and we’ve already received a number of compliments.
Thanks – Caroline & Phil

A wonderful card from a delighted client.


To Dear Glen & Louise,
Just a little something to say thanks so much for the great gift you have bestowed us (not just the pictures but a renewed love of the ocean to boot!!) and the wonderful service that you have provided us. I know you wouldn’t remember me Louise but you made an impression on me that day at the “George St Festival.” So kind & patient with my little girls & myself. I thought what a lovely lady. And haven’t you got a talented husband!! I feel so lucky (like I’ve won lotto) having made this beautiful purchase. The world could do with more individuals such as yourselves. Keep up the great work and the very best of luck for the future.

Fond regards
Paula Mcnamara + Family

Dear Glen,

My prints arrived this morning and I’ve only now had a chance to open them …
They are fantastic, really, really fabulous, I am so pleased ! The colours are vibrant and true – the iridescent blue and green of the fish fin is just a knock out. And thank you for the amazing, purpose built packaging boxes – wow, superb quality! I’m going to get these framed and up onto walls pronto – and feel very happy thinking underwater thoughts as I gaze at them. Thank you very much.
Maggie – Melbourne, Vic.


We have just unwrapped your beautiful Capricorn coral work and we love it. We have found a perfect place for it at our Apollo Bay house and it will give us and many others much pleasure.
Thanks, Dave and Dee – Brighton, Vic

Hi Glen,
The print arrived on Friday safe and sound! It was very well packed and solidly framed.
We are very happy with it, it looks beautiful and fits perfectly on our dining room wall. We will be repainting the wall to a more neutral colour to match the monochrome of the print. Many thanks for the friendly and trouble free purchasing experience, we look foward to following your work!
Regards Doug – Sydney, NSW


Hi Glen,
Just a note of many thanks for your stunning photographic prints which arrived in excellent condition last week. Now that I’ve had a chance to view them more closely and read the history of them I am even more in awe of your skill, passion and gift using your diving and photography. I have to wait until January to have them framed in readiness to hang in my old cottage in the Victorian countryside. Meanwhile, I’ll view your works for sale on your website with a view to perhaps buying a limited edition. I’ll be back in Western Australia before easter to soak up more of its beauty. So much to see and do there.
With many thanks. Aileen, Essendon, Vic

Hello Glen,
Thank you for the invoice. We too look forward to receiving our other canvases and open editions. “Feathers” is up and we’ve lost count of the number of times we look at it in awe and gasp! Thank you very much for making it all such a personal experience. It does make a difference and we are grateful for that!
Kind regards, Glen and Yvonne, Port Kennedy, WA


Hi Glen,
Thanks for your e-mail, We love the print (Coral Sea), can see the ocean from our bedroom so it fits really well to the mood. I will have a look online at your work, been busy with work visitors etc. and maybe just select a few smaller for other walls from your selection. Louise my daughter absolutely loves the book and took it away with her, she works up in the Kimberleys. Hopefully she’ll bring it down next time and I can go browse through it.
Thanks again, Kath, Mandurah, WA

Hi Glen,
You are very welcome. I am delighted with my purchase. I consider the picture (Bluerays II) magnificent due to the colour light and shade, but most importantly it is an action picture. You can sense the motion which brings the picture to life, it’s almost like being there (in the water with the rays). As a further thought, If I were you I would replace the picture in the in the Kings Park shop with this one. Or better still have this one suspended by fishing line etc in front of the big window at eye level near where you were signing your book.
Kind Regards, Kathryn, High Wycombe, WA


Hi Glen,
Rapt with the picture (Surface). Love it. I’m just glad we looked at it as soon as we walked in (you were one of the first tents we stopped at) so I can’t blame it on the alcohol for the impulse purchase. As Lisa would tell you, I normally to and fro over things like this for ages. Happy I didn’t this time though. Hope to meet up with you and Louise again some time either down this way or in Freo.
Cheers Tony & Lisa, Margaret River, WA

Thanks for the invoice, we are rapt with the “InfiniSea”, it looks fantastic above the back door and was worth waiting the 13 years to find the perfect picture to put there. The spotlight at night highlights it beautifully, I believe it looks even better at night than during the day.
Regards Dave and Jules. Watermans WA

Yes thanks, they are great. Used about three hours to get them out of the wrapping, so they were well looked after. I am really pleased with my choices and they look great on the wall. Its nice to have a bit of Australia to look at… I have also had great feedback from friends and family, with people having different favourites. I was hoping to take some photos of them before replying to you, but unfortunately it has dragged out. The house is till messy with boxes etc, so as soon as it looks more representative I will take some pictures.
Cheers Egir, Oslo, Norway

Hi Glen,
We received our print yesterday and hung it today, it looks wonderful in its new home – the perfect size and the colours are great. Thank you so much for such a beautiful piece and professionalism in keeping me informed of its progress.
Regards Rebecca, Selby Victoria

Hi Glen,
Had Ian over today to hang the pictures, and we think they look fantastic – especially the rays – perfect size and position, we love it. Have attached a couple of pics for you (can send through higher resolution if you want that). Thanks again, and we’d love to see your photos from Borneo once they are ready. Happy to add that we think your photos are brilliant, from the large landscape scale to the up close intricate detail, which are sort of abstract but scientific at the same time. Incidentally, we framed the smaller prints ourselves (they look really good in wooden 50×50 frames from ikea!), and can send a pic of them together once we hang them – think they look great together as a set.
All the best, Siegy and Libby, Shenton Park, WA

They are here! They are here! And they look unbelievably fantastic. We are so excited finally to have them. And they were VERY well packed, by the way. Can’t wait to put them up. Only problem is that we are having building work done next week in the very part of the house they are going to be hanging. So they have to stay in their box for a bit longer – such a shame! Must go – and thanks again!
JZ, Jennifer Zerk, Herts, UK

Hi Glen,
Thanks so much for your time, we absolutely love our new artwork… and spent lots of time standing and admiring it last night!! We now have lots of envious family members and friends 🙂
Kara & Tim, Wembley Downs, WA

Hi Glen
Thanks for this, I have just faxed over an authorisation for you to charge my c/card. The status said complete so I am assuming that you have received it OK. Now to my Floral Coral, this wonderful piece of art is still keeping pride of place in our lounge room and getting lots of comments from visitors…. we really love it and we are so glad that we bought it! We are just so happy that we discovered your art, we hope more people do too! If I don’t hear from you again before Xmas, I hope you and your family have a wonderful, safe and happy Xmas.
Kind Regards Renae, Hornsby, NSW

Thanks Glen
We got our prints the other day and now they are hung in their place. They look sensational. They arrived separate, but they made it up in one piece. We’ll keep an eye on your website, as Sherree and I are a fan of your work. Merry Christmas and all the best for the New Year. If ever you are up this way, give us a call. It’s not a bad dive.
Regards, Matt and Sherree, Port Hedland WA

Hi Glen
It was nice to meet you and Louise as well. Thanks for coming to the house and we can’t take our eyes off our new canvas!
Cheers Katherine and David, Wembley, WA

Dear Glen…
We approached your 2006 collection with great anticipation and no little anxiety. Could you possibly top, or even equal, your previous work? Well, we’ve just spent a half hour mesmerized by the new photos. It’s hard to convey how delighted we are looking at them. The best compliment we can give you is that anyone who has the good fortune to see these will forever hence have a new and more profound understanding of the beauty and fragility of the ocean. Your photos have the power to change lives, which is perhaps the definition of a true artist. The bad news is that we’ve just about run out of room in our home and offices to display the limited edition prints we already own. We’re thinking of building a wall in the middle our living room, just to have more display room! We have used your limited edition prints as wedding and graduation gifts and open edition prints as thank-yous and gifts for family, friends, and business associates in the United States and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. I will have to share with you the wonderful comments we receive from the recipients. For us, A Unique Underwater Artistic Vision + Superb Technical Skills + the Ever-Elusive Ineffable Touch of Genius = Glen Cowans. While we await the arrival of our latest order, we will take the opportunity to extend our best wishes for continued and growing success.
Randy K.R. Schmidt and Marcia K. Schultz,
Saipan, U.S. Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Hi Glen,
I purchased two of your wonderful pieces at your latest exhibition and have hung them side by side in my family room. They make a huge visual statement and have really made the room. The natural colours have also provided us with the inspiration for our feature wall at the other end of the room and it looks a million dollars. Everyone that walks in makes comment on the colour scheme and your fantastic art. Thank you Glen, I hope you continue your amazing work for a long time to come’.
Nikki Tewes – Western Australia

Dear Glen,
Every time I sit down to e-mail you, I am interrupted. The picture arrived safe and sound on Wednesday last week (and there were an awful lot of screws for me to undo in order to get it out of its wooden crate!) It is already hanging and looks absolutely fantastic. I love the feeling it gives me of swimming through crystal clear water every time I look at it, because the thing which I absolutely miss the most by living here in Singapore, is the access to the feeling of aliveness that I always found in swimming in a clean and bright ocean. My husband and I have very different taste in art – I prefer the abstract, and he prefers more realist – but we both love this one. I look forward to seeing your next collection of pictures from Saipan and Pulau. Thank you for all the care you have taken in getting both this and the previous picture for my friend to Singapore.
Let me know if you are ever in Singapore.
Danielle Fraser, Singapore

Dear Glen and Louise,
Congratulations to you both on such a successful year! It really is an inspiration to see you both living your passion. So many people complain about their work and seem to believe they are forced to stay in a job they don’t like. We all have choices in life and you have both chosen to do what you really want to do, others should learn from your example. We feel very fortunate to have”discovered” you and your work Glen and the walls in our home are a constant reminder to me of what is possible when you have a dream and you work hard to make it a reality. Thank you for sharing that with us. We look forward to following your work in the coming year and hopefully (finally) getting to catch up with you at one of your exhibitions – I will be sporting a rather large belly by then I am sure!! Merry Christmas to you both and a safe and successful new year ahead.
Suzie and Chris xx, Perth, Western Australia

We first saw Glen and his amazing work when he first exhibited at Fremantle’s Maritime Museum and were just blown away. The way he captures the ocean life on canvas is just breathtaking. We’re both keen divers and general ocean lovers, so to see the way Glen captures that beauty is simply awesome. When we tell people they’re actual real-life photos they don’t believe us and are amazed at how beautiful they are. We’ve since found ourselves purchasing pieces for engagement and wedding presents and they’ve been a huge hit! The only problem we have now is trying to find more wall space! Thanks Glen
Gemma and Craig – Claremont, Western Australia